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What we do

Our activity is the construction and mainly maintenance of PV plants



Our customers:

Private people

Private people willing to protect their investment obtaining the best performance and money of their PV plant with no headache anymore

Companies and Investors

Companies and Investors with large plants willing to keep the maximun effciency, obtaining regular incentives when available, complying with the law regulations, avoiding surprises.


PV Modules and inverters manufactures and/or resellers willing to cover their warranty period avoiding tricks from the customers and protecting their products and image saving money as much as possible

Who has litigation

Who has outstanding disputes and want appraisals that support their reasons

What we do

Basic activities


Keeping the existing working pv plants efficient and, if not efficient, modify and revamping in order to obtain the best performances


Keeping the existing plants authorization and  documents updated with all the law requirements to obtain all the incentives available and in any case complying with the technical and government specs


Working with inverters and modules manufactures and resellers for the services related to the warranty period of time and beyond


Cleaning, testing and repairing modules and inverters allowing their  best performance


Test performance , thermography , monitoring service and troubleshooting


We are helping customers in solving their disputes with GSE

For more informations

BR Solar Srl

Via Federico Fellini, 41
42049 S. Ilario d’Enza (RE) – Italy


Kelan +39 370 1279617

Mirko +39 347 0726791